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Move Seed The Easy Way  


Move Seed The Easy Way

The BRUNeumatic SEED BLOWER/VAC is versatile. It blows into seed boxes to fill or use the suction to completely empty the box to change varieties. The BRUNeumatic SEED BLOWER?VAC is efficient. It handles bulk seed without damage typically caused by augers.



  • Push - Pull System
  • Does not need to be attached to any specific bulk seed container or wagon
  • Can be mounted on a drill, planter, truck, trailer, or hopper bed wagon
  • Can be used to transfer from truck to wagons
  • Can be used to vacuum seed out of drill, planter boxes, or seed cubics
  • Can be used to clean out grain bins and elevator pits
  • Can be used to clean up spills

The BRUNeumatic SEED BLOWER/VAC features a cast iron airlock for long life. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard overhead valve twin cylinder engine and including fifty feet of hose and plastic cyclone, this unit is ready for rugged use. Featuring an on-off remote controlled butterfly valve which is activated by a 12-volt solenoid, this unit is self-contained.


Model# Size Volume Engine Weight Dimensions
316-9G 3" 4/Bu/Min 16 HP 750 Lb 40" x 30" x58"
423-11G 4" 7-8/Bu/Min 23 HP 870 Lb 59" x 34" x57"
316-9G 4" 7-8/Bu/Min 23 HP 900 Lb 59" x 34" x57"

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